Chef Betsy G. has been providing top quality food service to San Diego as a Personal Chef for more than twenty years. Our staff has a combined total of over 100 years of experience (!) in delicious food preparation and service. We have created everything from intimate dinners for two to receptions for two hundred. We really shine when working with a guest list of 25-75, so we can focus on offering you the highest quality food, prepared expertly for your dining experience.

Chef Betsy G. has recently begun to specialize in creating completely gluten-free menus, and is able to offer delicious meal experiences with many of the flavors and dishes of a regular menu—such as pastas, breaded chicken & seafood, and of course desserts!—all completely free of wheat gluten. These dishes are so good that people who did not need to be gluten free were not even noticing the difference in the menus and then I knew I was on to something.